About Millstadt News

Millstadt News was launched in 2017 to provide a central place for community news and events in and around Millstadt, IL. Most of the stories are submitted by local residents and organizations. Our website, weekly email, Facebook page, and monthly print magazine is designed and published in Millstadt, IL.

Millstadt News wouldn’t exist without our wonderful readers, our patrons, and our advertisers. Thank you for allowing us to keep on publishing this project!

What Is Millstadt News?

Millstadt News consists of four news channels.

MillstadtNews.com – This is our central hub for gathering and publishing news and events. We average 2,500 visits per month and that number is growing.

Weekly Email – We send out a weekly email newsletter for free every Friday to over 790 subscribers and counting. You can subscribe here.

Monthly Magazine – We direct mail a full-color magazine every month to every home in the 62260 zipcode. That is about 3,133 homes that we serve.

Facebook Page – Millstadt News has a very active Facebook Page with over 5,800 followers. Check out our Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/millstadtnewsandevents