Midwest High-Altitude Balloon Team Launches High-Altitude Balloon At Millstadt Flight Park

On Saturday, April 13th, HEARTS Homeschool Co-op and the Midwest High-altitude Balloon Team launched a high-altitude balloon from The Millstadt Flight Park southwest of town.  

HEARTS is a well-established homeschool group with a co-op serving over 200 children from over 80 families.  There were 16 that participated in the HAB class this semester.  They learned or experienced history, math, science, engineering, and physical education through the class.

In their quest for knowledge, the students selected a range of experiments.  These included observing the effects of low pressure and temperatures on everyday items such as tomatoes, a can of soda, and marshmallows.  They also conducted a comparative study of power consumption using a pair of circuits with two types of LED light bulbs, one on the payload and one on the ground.  This was a unique opportunity for them to apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical setting.  Additionally, the payload recorded temperature, humidity, air pressure, uv a and b intensity, and motion.

During the last class of the semester, the students will review the data and video to draw some conclusions about the effects of high altitude on their experiences.  

The flight reached a maximum altitude of 107,391ft or over 20 miles.  The payloads came down about 81 miles southeast of the launch point in a field, making for an easy recovery.  

The class would like to thank Bob McDaniel and Millstadt Flight Park for allowing us to conduct our launch.  With their support, this flight was a success.  

Midwest High-Altitude Balloon Team is a new group forming to bring STEM and aerospace education to local youth through High-Altitude Balloon launches.  www.midwesthab.com