Millstadt Senior Center to celebrate 40-year milestone

Seniors and the Millstadt community will celebrate 40 years of the Millstadt Senior Center from 1983-2023 with a celebration on October 7, 2023.

Millstadt Township Senior Services Advisory Board were busy at their recent June 5, 2023, meeting discussing ideas for the celebration.  Past Director Charlotte Mehrtens and Current Director Patty Evansco are serving as co-chairpersons for the celebration and welcome all help.  

The Senior Center is focused on trying to engage and remove barriers of those who are lonely, and we work to get them involved, and through the years Charlotte and I have been really dedicated to get them out of their home to participate and them know that we care about them.  

Millstadt Township Services Advisory Board include: President Rich Brune, Vice-President , Secretary Kathy Schaefer, Darleen Sandheinrich, Lil Tracy, Pat Morris, Carol Albert, Heather Erwin, John Baltz and Jerry Schmitz.  Not pictured: Barb Green