Belleville Area Humane Society Board President Saves Momma and Kittens
During Glo Bingo Preparations

While Belleville Area Humane Society’s board president, Shelly Korves, was preparing for the annual Glo Bingo she received an urgent call from Swansea Police Officer, Erin Huff. Officer Huff and Shelly had previously worked together to try and save an injured kitten. Officer Huff had started feeding a cat in Clinton Hills Park about 3 weeks prior when she closed down the park bathrooms as part of her nightly police duties.  Huff believed the feline was pregnant and contacted Shelly for immediate help. 

 Unfortunately when arriving at Clinton Hills Park the momma cat was nowhere to be found.  About 3 days later, on windy Wednesday, Officer Huff called to say that Fletcher’s Kitchen and Tap successfully trapped the momma cat that Officer Huff saw days prior. 

When Shelly arrived at the scene she was concerned that the mama had already given birth. Officer Huff and Shelly Korves went through the park and looked all over for her babies, and even crawled around under the deck at Fletchers. Momma cat started settling in Shelly’s house in a spare bedroom. As Shelly was getting ready for BAHS Glo Bingo Friday night, Officer Huff called and said that Fletcher’s Kitchen and Tap had found newborn kittens and they were in a bucket and asked if Belleville Area Humane Society could come get them. Time was of the essence because these kittens had not eaten in 36 hours. Newborn kittens must eat every 2 – 3 hours. 

After picking up the newborn kittens, they were so healthy that Shelly didn’t believe there was any way these teeny tiny kittens were the momma’s babies.  They were bottle fed by a trained neonatal foster on Friday at Tribout’s during Glo Bingo and Shelly took them home Saturday. 

Once Shelly brought them into the home the momma cat started actively searching for them. She was scratching, crying, and clawing at the door to get to these babies. Shelly cautiously took them in to see what momma cat would do. Korves states, “I’ve never seen such emotion in an animal!  She just melted and they immediately went to her and she laid down and started nursing them!  There are several amazing things about this crazy story!  How did we miss them when we were looking? How did they survive for at least 48 hours with no mom and still look so good!  How did she still have milk? This family is so happy now that they are reunited!  I honestly just sat and cried on Saturday night watching them.”

 It’s truly a miracle and it was possible because so many people, including Officer Huff, cared enough to go out of their way to help this family!