DogO News – Dog Stories: Levee and Helena the Lab Mixes!

I seriously doubt that this DogO News story won’t get your tail waggin’, especially if you’re looking to adopt! Yes, you heard that right! Levee and Helena are up for adoption!

Helena is one of the cutest dogs around! She is 3 years old, and she is a Lab mix. Helena also has had something awesome happen to her recently: she had puppies! All of her puppies are in loving homes, but she still needs a forever home. She came to the Belleville Area Humane Society (BAHS) in January from the Humane Society of the Delta in Arkansas, which was an overcrowded shelter. Helena’s article buddy, Levee, also came from there! Helena prefers to be in a home with no other pets because she can be timid around them, but she is also very full of life! She is very energetic and also very smart when it comes to learning new things. She picks up on new tricks fast and so far she has learned to sit and can walk very well on a traditional leash. She is currently still working on muzzle training as well. Helena also has a special day that the BAHS celebrates with her, her birthday! Helena’s birthday is on January 3rd.

Levee is another dog at the humane society in need of a loving home. Levee is 5 years old and is very healthy. He is a mixed breed and his overall appearance is very unique. As mentioned earlier, Levee came from the Humane Society of the Delta Arkansas. Helena and Levee both came to the BAHS on the same day, January 4th of 2021. Levee likes to play with other dogs and does well with them. He is fairly laid back and sounds like a good cuddler when he’s not playing. He knows the basic commands like sit and down. Levee’s birthday is also in January, just like Helena’s!

Levee and Helena are great dogs and are in need of a loving home. If you are interested in adopting one of them, please reach out to the Belleville Area Humane Society at 618-235-3712 or visit their website at

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