Voted The Best Fries In Missouri – The Kitchen Sink

Best Fries In Missouri recently put out a list of all the best fries in the United States.  What a great list!  Millstadt residents are in luck because the top voted fries in Missouri are right here in St. Louis.  Google Reviews rank the restaurant as a 3.2 stars out of 5 with very positive reviews. shares their review.  “A side order of the bistro fries at The Kitchen Sink will land you a perfectly tasty batch of salted fries (skins on). But the dirty fries (served with beans and melted cheese) and the sweet fries (sweet potato fries with melted marshmallow and brown sugar) are even more decadent and satisfying.”

I don’t know about you, but I think a quick trip over to The Kitchen Sink in St. Louis is worth putting on the calendar!  Let us know if you make a visit to The Kitchen Sink by leaving a comment below.


A Recent Google Review Reads…

Austin Jackson, ★★★★★
This place is straight up awesome. I had the Texas burger and my wife had the shrimp & grits, it was all delicious and we both left fat n’ happy. Very cool interior with a large open area, high ceilings, diner-like bar, and game area. We heard about this place after searching online for some of the best restaurants in St. Louis, not disappointed and would recommend to anyone that wants some good comfort food.


Directions To The Kitchen Sink


How To Make Your Own Awesome Fries At Home

Did you know that you can make the perfect fries at home?  Here are a couple helpful tips and tools to get you going on making your own awesome fries.


A Fry Cutter

It takes time to chop up the potatoes.  Save yourself the time by getting a french fry maker like the Bradex Potato Chipper.  You can use a device like this to cut up other vegetables as well as apples.

French Fry Chipper


A Recipe For Fries

77669 has a great recipe here:  Do you have a favorite way to make fries at home?  Leave your favorite recipe below in the comments.