DogO News ~ Dog Stories Dog of the Year: Jango the Labrador-Boxer Mix

Article By: Gwendolyn Westhoff, age 10
Jango is owned by the Haas family
May, 2020

He’s here: the Dog of the Year 2020! Coming in live from the Haas family, it’s Jango! He’s a hugger with a story. Jango was a street dog, and was put in the shelter. When the Haas family saw him, they knew he was the right dog for them.
At two years old (already!) He’s the new dog on the street. And that doesn’t stop him at all. He adapts to the environment well, and can already do two tricks: Sit and lay down.
Even though this pooch is heartworm positive, the heartworm medication is working quite well. Because this is Jango’s first home, the Haas family is taking extra good care of him and his brother, Obi. And aren’t they cute together!
Well folks, this is our Dog of the Year, 2020. Now sit, lay down, and stay on Millstadt News for more DogO News stories and other stories as well.

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Thank you to our Millstadt News Sponsor