DogO News~Dog Stories – Meet Obi the Labrador-Husky Mix

The Dog, The Myth, The Legend now revealed: it’s Obi!
The dog part of Obi is his background. The Haas family got him on Memorial Day, just 2 years ago. He has a June birthday, which has two birthstones: the pearl and alexandrite. Pretty cool, huh? And when you mix a Labrador with a Husky, you get this handsome pooch!

The myth part of Obi is all of the amazing tricks you thought no 2 and ½-year-old dog could ever do! He can sit, lay down, come, shake, and spin, the basics. But he can also high five, nose fist-bump, and a twist called power play. I bet no other dog could do all those nifty tricks!

The legend part of this doggie is his personality. The little (no, BIG!) sweetheart has a best brother and playmate, Jango, and they pose the best pictures together! Obi loves to play outside and also likes people. And of course, he’ll bark at first, like all dogs, but once he gets to know you, you’ll be the best of friends!

Obi is the sweetest, most patriotic, and smartest dog– or should I say, the Dog, the myth, and the legend of Millstadt.

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Written by: Gwendolyn Westhoff

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