News From Millstadt Consolidated School District No. 160

Grandparents Day was held recently at both MCS and MPC.  Our staff and students love welcoming grandparents to school on this annual celebration for lunch.  The grandparents really enjoy the opportunity to interact with students (and each other) on this special day.  Thanks to everyone on our staff for pitching in to make it a wonderful day.  

A special thank you also goes out to the Millstadt Optimist Club for their recent donation of $3700 to our schools.  This money was used to help offset the purchase of additional technology devices for our students’ use in classroom assignments.  A partnership between the school district and service organizations like the Optimists is very much appreciated.

I would like to share a brief overview of some school district accomplishments from last school year.  This list is not all-inclusive, and does not take into account all the success that occurs in the classrooms, which is the top priority.

  • Full time nurse at MPC
  • Completed a full compliance visit with the Regional Office of Education
  • Initiated School Improvement Teams at both schools for lead teachers to have input on school direction and goals
  • Additional Chromebook carts at both schools
  • Utility trailer donation for maintenance
  • Gym renovation
  • Lighting renovation to LED 
  • Very successful extracurricular teams, both academic and athletic
  • Successful completion of MTA contract negotiation
  • Addition of cross country 
  • Math committee evaluated our program, curriculum and materials
  • Update PERA document (teacher evaluation procedure)
  • Transition to administrative oversight of transportation and custodians
  • Increased overall state testing scores for school district in both English Language Arts and Math.  

As you can see, it was a busy year.  I anticipate this year to be just as successful.

Brad Landgraf, Superintendent

Thank you to our Millstadt News Sponsor
Thank you to our Millstadt News Sponsor