Youth Ambassadors Exchange

Millstadt Sister Cities Organization is sponsoring the 19th annual Youth Ambassadors Exchange. Sophia Biehl, daughter of Rober and Jill Biehl, and Devin Tucker, son of Ryna and Sarah Tucker, will depart June 14 and spend four weeks in Millstadt’s sister city, Gross-Bieberau, Germany. Our students and their families will then host their German exchange partners, Luca Amann and Charlotte Breid, who will arrive July 17 and spend a month in Millstadt.

Visit of Friends from Millstadt

Submitted by Birgit Hartmann-Thierolf of Gross-Bieberau, Germany.

In 2016 Pascal Thierolf from Gross-Bieberau and Ethan Lamons from Millstadt were partners in the Youth Ambassador Exchange, and they are still close friends.

Ethan and his parents, Matthew and Kristine, visited Pascal and his family in Gross-Bieberau during May, 2019. Pascal and his family showed their guests nearby castles Veste Otzber and Burg Breuberg, and took them to the medieval town of Michelstadt where they tasted the world championship Siefert’s cream cakes. The Lamons family took part in daily life and enjoyed Schnitzel, Döner, and Kristallweizen (German beer). They spent a day in Frankfurt where Pascal’s sister, Ann-Catherine, attends univeristy and plans to come to Millstadt in October for an internship at Belleville West High School.

The Lamons and Thierolf families agreed that the exchange is a fantastic experience.

Frank & Birgit Thierolf, Ethan Lamons, Matthew Lamons, Burgermeister Edgar Buchwald and Kristine Lamons
Ethan, Matthew and Kristine Lamons with Birgit and Ann-Catherine Thierolf
Thank you to our Millstadt News Sponsor
Thank you to our Millstadt News Sponsor