Southwestern 2018 KVAS Outdoor Challenge

Kaskaskia Valley Audubon invites you to the Southwestern Illinois 2018 KVAS Outdoor Challenge! There are great prizes available to be earned! We hope you will enjoy getting your feet, eyes, and mind out into the beautiful great outdoors of Southern Illinois during this year. Kaskaskia Valley Audubon Society (KVAS) challenges you to visit and hike at either 5, 10 or 15 of the most scenic natural preserves and cultural areas in the region to earn a commemorative button, before the end of the year. The buttons for each level will look different.
The details are at
Participants are required to attend a KVAS monthly program meeting to collect a button AND BE ENTERED IN THE PRIZE DRAWING! The cash prize drawing is scheduled for the December meeting (date TBA, attendance not required) for $100, $75, and $25. Please visit KVAS at the link above for challenge questions and details.