Is This The Roof Of The Future?



We normally don’t think about our roofs unless there is a leak or the shingles are super old and blowing off. Roofing materials and maintenance is mostly standard and we don’t give it another thought. We leave innovation and advancements in technology to the electronics industries. Not true for a certain company.

This company, Tesla, has been thinking about roofs a lot! Tesla has been raising the bar with their innovative electric cars and they continue to push the edge with their latest product.

On October 28, Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk announced the release of a product they are calling the Solar Roof. You might say, “Yeah, yeah, solar power…That is already out there.” Not like this roof. We aren’t talking about huge black solar panels attached to your roof. Tesla has invented solar panel roofing tiles. Imagine your current shingles. These solar panel roofing tiles are just like shingles except that each one is a solar energy collector that turns your entire roof into a solar panel. They also look great!

Why is this important? Solar energy has been around, but it has been cumbersome and not in step with main stream consumers. A stylish and efficient solar roof has the potential to go main stream in the marketplace. This is a very important step for alternative energy.

Learn more about Tesla’s Solar Roof Here:


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