Millstadt Community School Math Team Competed at Belleville West


Some members of the Millstadt Community School Math Team competed on October 29th at the 2016
Feeder School Math Competition at Belleville West.

Representing the 7th grade were Gabe Kurfman, Will Weck, Aiden Cauble, Brock Parker and Kacie Denton. Gabe, Will, Aiden and Brock all received Honorable Mentions for their fine scores. The seventh graders as a team captured a 2nd place trophy.

The 8th grade representatives included Riley Knapp, Aly Riley, Jordan Sinkler, Adelle Hill, and Natalie Hampsten. Riley was awarded a Third Place medal for his exceptional score while Aly, Jordan, Adelle and Natalie all received Honorable Mentions. The eighth grade team also captured the 1st place trophy with an amazing 22 point lead!

Riley and Gabe also competed in a 2-person speed round and won 3rd place for their efforts while the remaining members worked on a team test and they also took 3rd place.

Two of the team members even had the good fortune to win the 2 attendance prizes! Kacie and Natalie won TI Graphing calculators.

The team is coached by Nancy Glaeser, the eighth grade math teacher. She is very proud of the hard work these students put forth!

Thank you to our Millstadt News Sponsor
Thank you to our Millstadt News Sponsor