Millstadt School’s Theater Program Needs Your Help


The Millstadt School’s Theater Program has started a GoFundMe page to raise money and support to help improve the sound system, stage and equipment for the theater program.  They need help, so donate to a good cause and spread the word!


You can donate here


Break a leg! (we tell our students) …just don’t do it literally by stepping on our torn curtain!  We are a school in a small community, with an active theater program that has performed for over 40 years. We have amazing students who LOVE the theater and who wow us on stage every year. Several of our students go on to participate in the high school’s theater programs, where some have been able to win scholarships. We feel the start we give them and the love of theater that we instill in them is invaluable. Unfortunately, our school, like all schools in Illinois, is struggling financially. Though we sell ads and do what we can to raise money, there simply isn’t enough to fund our needs. We cut costs everywhere possible (buying from thrift stores, borrowing, etc.), even going so far as to write our own plays to avoid script costs and royalty fees. We get by, but now our 60-year-old stage curtain is literally being held together by duct tape. Our sound system is poor, often causing the students not to be heard, which is very disappointing after weeks of work. We just want to be able to upgrade our stage and equipment to be able to provide our junior high thespians a place that is worthy of all their work and talent. We appreciate any help we can get! Thank you!

Thank you to our Millstadt News Sponsor
Thank you to our Millstadt News Sponsor